Book Love

Filio’s Book Reads 

  • Idea Revolution; Guidelines And Prompts For Brainstorming, by Clare Warmke. I refer to this book from time to time because it is packed with ideas that creative professionals use to get their mojo flowing.
  • The Creative Habit; Learn It and Use It For Life, by Twyla Tharp. I think this book is so valuable in helping smash the myth that inspiration is divine and creative’s are eccentrics.  
  • Homoaestheticus; Where Art Comes From and Why, by Ellen Dissanayake. One of my favourite all time books. It takes a look at the inherent ability we all have in reinterpreting our world. 
  • The Culture of Nature; North American Landscape from Disney to the Exxon Valdez, by Alexander Wilson. A book about altering natural spaces in the name of cultural production. Very readable. 
  • Art and Visual Perception; A Psychology of the Creative Eye, by Rudolf Arnheim. A classic that applies the approaches and findings of modern psychology to the study of art. 

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