Modern Tools and Inspiration

Art is a vehicle that connects our internal life with our external world – Jeff Koons

I like the above quote by Jeff Koons, for two reasons. First, Jeff Koons is a cool guy, brilliant man and internationally appreciated artist and his direct and simple response to Charlie Rose, when asked, what is art? – is encompassing.  And secondly, his response suggests that art is constantly shifting and moving, it cannot be pigeonholed into a set of parameters that applies to everyone and every generation. This is the value of culture. It reflects and feeds back our condition. It’s a map of our thoughts and experiences.

As our world changes, so does art. Keeping it fresh creatively requires at some point we put down our tools and go outside and interact with the world. To observe our surroundings is a great subject in itself explored at 99U, but for this post I want to share how modern tools can help us shape our perspective.

I wanted to pass on some modern tools, to help you expand your creative options to explore.  Tools are like shiny objects and technology offers an ever expanding list of options to choose from. I love apps and use them all the time, but I can leave them in a flash if they don’t function the way I need them to. Here are two apps that have stood the test of time in assisting me in my creative pursuits:

Fotor Photo Editor 

There are many photo editors out there, but this one has something I use mainly because of its ‘cover photos’ option, which allows you to use pre-existing templates, or your own images to edit an image for social media profiles. No need to worry about the dimensions, it does the work for you and allows you to preview as it would appear in the profile, before you decide to save. I edited the following photo in Photoshop and imported it to Fotor to optimize for a Facebook header.  I could have created the dimensions in Photoshop, but I like the idea of previewing before I decide to import to a social site, and if I wanted to I could have edited it further in Fotor.  There is much to discuss about Fotor, but I’ll leave it for you to discover.

0725170544 facebook

Kuler has a Killer App

Are you familiar with Adobe Kuler? Did you know they have an app?  If you posses an iPhone, I urge you to download this app, or search for something similar for your android phone. What this tool does is let you explore color combinations by taking a photo of an object, be it a work of art, a landscape, or a person, the Kuler app suggests color palettes based on the colors in the image. This is unbelievably handy for finding inspiration in color. I use it often when I’m looking for color combinations for a website. It’s a great starting point and fantastic as an exploration tool.

Happy exploring and until next time, bonne chance avec l’art.


PS. If you liked this post, please feel free to share with others and comment. I would love to hear what modern tools you like. 

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