Weekly Photo Challenge; Contrasts

I was out for  a walk around Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford BC, at dusk. It was gorgeous. It only took about half an hour from start to finish, and the light changed slightly towards the end, but I managed to take a few shots that captured this weeks photo challenge. Just.

photo 1

What attracted me to this shot was the contrast of light and dark. The light hitting the trees in the background is true to the light at this time in the evening.

photo 2

I found this interesting because of how the light hit the top of the tree in the background, giving the perception that the leaves are yellow. I also liked the contrast between the deep green, organic vegetation surrounding the brown weathered silver brown of the wooden bridge.

photo 3

Not quite half way around the lake, this area was fully exposed to the golden-yellow light of the setting sun, in contrast to the deep green vegetation in shade and the shadows cast by trees.

photo 4

I had come full circle. The sun had not yet set. There was still light, but the warmth of the yellow projected by the sun was disappearing and being replaced by a cooler, blue light. The trees in the background show how the sun’s light changed in the half hour it took me to walk around the lake.

Looking forward to the next challenge.

Best, Filio


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Contrasts

  1. Lovely photos; the last was my fave.

  2. What I like about these photos is that you are appreciating the beauty in your own area, not travelling hundreds of miles, but seeing the beauty outside your door.

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