Planning for Success

Not so long ago, an artist told me she didn’t like marketing. I found this a bit peculiar, but not surprising.

It was peculiar because, being a creative professional requires some attempt to gain exposure and sales, which requires a plan. We could, with some success, just wing it and hope for the best, but I think more success can be gained through a well thought out strategy.

Wearing the many hats required by someone who is a creative professional can be grueling. Her comment could have been a reflection on how marketing took her away from what she loved best, which is creating. I understand that completely and agree that one person can be weighed down by the responsibilities of making their work available to others, through the many channels on and offline.

Text books refer to marketing as the 4 P’s; price, product, promotion and place. This is a model generally used by brick and mortar businesses, which is the more traditional business model. Creative’s are more likely to create out of a private space and use many channels to present and sell their work. For creative’s, marketing is primarily about position, promotion and presentation.

I will follow-up with the idea of position in my next post, where I’ll explore questions to ask to better understand what reveals a person’s position.

あ ✽ あ✽あ

I would also like to share some photos with you and some ideas I’m exploring for a class I’m taking at Emily Carr University, which will fulfill my BFA requirements.

The photos I took were from a well used trail in Abbotsford, BC. It’s called Discovery Trail and winds its way through neighborhoods and strips of undeveloped lands throughout Abbotsford.

Power Lines

Power Lines

For my shoot, I was interested in capturing how people use this natural space and interact with it. The photos look at the division of land, the use of land and the evidence left by people.


Division of properties. Public verses Private space.

The course I’m taking is Studies in the Social Sciences and explores concepts and ideas around nature, culture and the production of social space. It’s a critical study of evaluating our cultural, social and political landscape/environments.

The exposure is terrible, but if you look under the tree you can see a log and left over blue blanket, under an evergreen tree. I wonder if someone slept there during warmer months.

A log and left over blue blanket, under an evergreen tree. I wonder if someone slept there during warmer months.

For this online course, topics are experienced through readings, video lectures and walks outside. We then reflect on the ideas presented through written posts, via a class blog.

A hand-made sign proclaiming this spot to be Edgar's Creek, a memorial to someone past.

A hand-made sign proclaiming this spot to be Edgar’s Creek, a memorial to someone past.


A well used spot. Summer parties? Homeless camp?


I wonder what was here, before it became public land.


There was some evidence of a possible for sale sign.


Burnt logs under a willow tree.


An shade umbrella tossed in the brush.

2 thoughts on “Planning for Success

  1. I look forward to your next post on marketing, & “Position”.
    Good luck with your classes! Looks like it was an interesting photo excursion.

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