The Nature of Transformation


I am so glad to once again show up and place word to virtual paper. I’ve missed our conversations.  

These last several months I’ve experienced a transformation and re-evaluation in the direction of my career which forced writing into the back seat.   

I took on a temporary position beginning in June that set me on a trajectory which produced an invaluable learning experience. And then, just when I thought I had set my sail – Shazam – life threw a curve ball and questions followed.

Curve balls show up to make sure we’re committed to our course of action.

I’ve spent months trying to figure out what the next step for this blog should be. I sensed that it needed a more solid direction. I’m a planner; I do some of my best work when I have a plan of action and clear direction. This gives me the freedom to dig deep and produce work I can be proud of. I also feel most passionate about projects that has purpose which aligns with my long term goals.

I felt it was time to kick this blog up a notch and share the transformation that was taking place in my life. Going forward, I want to include posts on my artistic journey, which seems to be developing at a somewhat slow, but onward pace.

Since the beginning of this blog project, I’ve mostly shared my administrative experiences from the past. I used to be an arts manager, curator and arts programmer working for non-profit organizations, but things have changed and I don’t want to write about topics that reflect, ad nauseam, a past that is not a part of my present.   

Life is a Process.

I’m a firm believer that creative’s need to let their intuition take over to develop. Intuition gives us access to a complex set of experiences and learned knowledge buried in our psyche. Intuition is about knowing what the next action to take is. It’s what we do when we’ve stopped analyzing.

I’ve been ready for the next level for some time. I just didn’t know what that was going to be until recently. After letting the gestation period of the last few months set in, I know what I want to do next with this blog.

Over the next year, I’m going to expand on this blog to include personal art projects in addition to information on promoting and marketing work. I’ve included some photography in the past, but I’ve never shared my ceramic work, or other art work. I’m also going to present an outline of posts on the business side of art practice. Each month will highlight a different topic that I’ll explore. This will be ready by January.   

As I write, I have ceramic pieces in the kiln that are going through a glaze firing. I’m pretty psyched about it and can’t wait to share this new journey with you. I’ve been working on small hand built pieces and thrown work, exploring the development of a visual language. Some of this work is going to be sold through Etsy and some will be submitted into group exhibits.

The images below are a few small pieces from a previous glaze firing, which I will sell on Etsy. I still have more work to do setting up a shop, but I anticipate I’ll be ready by January and post the link to my shop once it’s ready.



This is what I Know.

For those of you entertaining the idea of opening a shop on Etsy, I’ve learned that once a shop is created it’s hard to delete your account. You can change or delete the contents of your account, but your shop name stays connected to the email you used to open your account. I learned about this through a site called, which lists social sites and how easy or difficult they are to close once you’ve decided you don’t need them anymore.    


In my next post I’ll share images of my work in the kiln at the moment (cross my fingers it comes through the kiln firing in one piece) and what I’ll be submitting for a group exhibit called, It Must be Nice to have a Hobby. The exhibit was presented to artists as an exploration on the idea of work women artists do and how it’s not taken very seriously. Have anyone of you had that experience?

I’ll explain the concept behind the pieces I’ll be submitting and images of the completed work. I’ve always found it helpful to read about the process of other artists. Sometimes it can inspire an idea or direction. It’s what I love about the fluid exchange of ideas and processes and I’d love to share that with you. 

Be well and talk to you soon.  

3 thoughts on “The Nature of Transformation

  1. Filio—so glad to see your post come into my mailbox! Very happy to know you have reached that wonderful point in your creative life where you know exactly what to do next! I think it sounds like a great plan for this blog, & truly look forward to seeing the results.
    Your ceramic pieces are appealing, & I think they’ll sell well on Etsy. I have a shop but it’s lain dormant for several months—just like everything else has while I’ve been working on what, for me, was a huge effort: putting a book together from my nature sketchbooks. ( You spoke of curveballs—I really experienced some with that project!)

    As always, your post reflects wisdom regarding the creative life. We do have to stop analyzing & let intuition take over if we ever hope to get on the path we are supposed to be on, & fulfill our potential—& be happy!

    • K. Your book project sounds amazing. I would love to hear of your experience. I think putting together a book deal is something many of us would be interested in hearing about. And congratulations on landing such an impressive project. I’m wandering over to your blog right now to take a look at your latest.
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Love to read your comments and always look forward to hearing from you.

      • Thanks, Filio; I wish it were a “book deal” but I”m self-publishing this time around. ( Of course, who knows what the future holds?) I’m awaiting the proof, & once I get rolling with this thing, I’d like to do a sort of “back-blog” recounting the whole experience–plus possibly how I’m marketing it & how people are reacting .
        Might be helpful to anyone thinking of doing something similar.
        Thanks for visiting my blog & for your always-welcome comments.

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