Bird and Butterfly Chalk Art

Bird & Butterfly

I walked out my door on a bright sunny morning and this is what greeted me. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this whimsical and wonderful scene of a butterfly and bird. I bet a young girl drew this. Girls seem to enjoy butterflies and birds around the age of 6, 7, 8, and 9 (or there about). I think it’s because at this stage of life they are self-assured, confident, full of life and adventure. They’re in constant flight. To the moon. To the stars.

Then puberty comes along and all those butterflies and birds turn into hearts and smiley faces. It’s as if we’re transformed from confident young creatures only concerned about what our next adventure is into self-conscious pleasing young woman.

Whenever I see butterflies and birds drawn by children it makes me smile because I remember what it was like to be that young self-assured girl, full of life. She’s still here. Waiting for her second go around, but this time wrapped in a woman’s body that’s starting to wrinkle and age. I love life and its complexities.


2 thoughts on “Bird and Butterfly Chalk Art

  1. Oh, I love the sentiment you’ve expressed here! Yes, she’s still in us, older a a bit wrinkled though we may be, she never leaves our hearts–just waits there to be re-discovered.

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