Tweeting Your Way to Success

Tweeting BirdTweets are meant to be short and sweet. Though, I’m not what you would call a conversationalist with a short and sweet style, but on twitter I’ve got to be precise to catch the attention of those online. Learning to fly like a bird takes skill and skills I’ve decided to learn. So can you.

With only 120 characters to say what needs to be said, twitter peeps seem to delight in quips, jokes and catchy headlines. This can be fun, but with limits of 120 characters per tweet it can also be a challenge to tweet like a professional without abbreviations.

Many online articles on mastering twitter pretty much same the same thing. Follow, tweet, #hashtag, share, be authentic and relevant. Most of all think of twitter as a big party. A place where people mix, mingle and chat about the stuff that’s interesting to them. And like any good party, it’s not about just having fun, it’s about connecting with others and possibly developing lasting relationships.

Choose who you follow with careful consideration. Some folks like to follow everyone and anyone. This tactic can generate a massive following and if popularity is what you want, then go ahead, but if you choose who you follow carefully you’re more likely attract followers that believe in you and want to hear what you have to say, which means your tweets will get shared.

I use twitter to share information about Canadian culture, art, as well as the business of art and I choose followers that fit into those categories. I deviate from time to time… but for the most part I’m focused.

Sometimes my followers are on the fringe of my chosen categories, but like dating I start with boundaries and then negotiate from there. Engaging with others means allowing for possibility, but start with a clear idea of what you want from the exchange.

Twitter lists can help you stay on top of the insights you want to follow. A list is a curated group of twitter users and good for reading tweets only. You may wonder why you would bother with lists, so I’ll tell you how it helps me.

In addition to creating lists in your profile, you can create list streams in Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a great platform for sharing and scheduling online content and I use it to monitor what’s being said on multiple twitter lists that I’ve created.

I create lists of twitter users that I want to develop closer connections with or users that tweet rich content.

Some people tweet constantly during the day. I don’t include them in lists, because I like to read links provided in tweets and I don’t have all day to read streams of tweets with links, so I’ll keep the heavy tweeters out of my lists.

You can also subscribe to lists by others. I follow Akimbo, which is a Canadian organization that monitors and shares all kinds of art related news in Canada. I can go into their profile and check their public lists to see who they follow according to their list groups and subscribe to any one of them as long as they’re public.

Retweet, mention and favourite tweets of people you want to build relationships with. It’s through these relationships that you’ll find meaningful connections and friendships. Retweets let people know you’re thinking of them. It lets them know your listening and respect what they have to say.

Quoting a tweet allows you to add more to the tweet as long as their’s room. A direct retweet is without comment and will show up in your timeline with the authors profile. Sometimes the original tweet speaks for itself and I don’t need to add anything.

ReTweet on Twitter

Quoted retweet and direct retweet on my timline

Mentions are the same as someone saying “I like you” and who doesn’t want to be liked. When someone mentions me on FF (follow Friday) I’m over the top blushing like a little school girl and make an extra effort to keep in touch with that person and mention them at a later date.

I’ll favourite a tweet when it’s a little out of my topic but it’s interesting and I want to remember it for later. There are all kinds of interesting tweets that could branch off into ideas for future posts and tweets.

You’ll also find new people to follow and interesting conversations from #hashtags.  A hashtag is a function used for searches using keywords. When you search using a hashtag, anyone that has used that hashtag will show up in your search results.

What's a hashtag symbol

What’s a hashtag symbol

Hashtags allow people to search for things that are important to them and to follow a stream of conversation on a subject. You can search for subjects in Twitter,, or TweetGrid and TweetChat are great for following curated conversations. Mack Collier (@mackcollier) is the founder of #blogchat which happens on Sunday nights.

It was through #blogchat that I found an amazing group of people and connected with curators, artists and art administrators across Canada. I’ve added them to my lists so I can see what they’re up to when I need to find interesting topics of discussion and art news happening in Canada.

I came across an interesting blog this week which shared the following graphic image with 9 points to keep in mind when you want to creat the perfect tweet.

The Perfect Tweet by Marketing Think

The Perfect Tweet by Marketing Think

This link will take you to the original post that tells you how to build the perfect tweet.

Let’s connect on twitter.

How do you use twitter? Do you find it helpful at all? …. Discuss.


8 thoughts on “Tweeting Your Way to Success

  1. Priceless tips. I wish I read this sooner. I learn as I go on and all of the things you mention as so true. Tweeting is more than just a venue to express ourselves. It is a place where we can actually create a community that inspires each other.

  2. Very Informative, thank you! I’m a bit lost out there in Twitter-land, nonetheless I have had some very good experiences.

    • I’m glad to hear you’ve had good experiences. There’s a lot of interesting stuff on there. Have you heard of #blogchat on Sunday nights? Check it out. You might find it useful.

  3. Thanks, so much, Filio; I hadn’t a clue about twittering.

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