Shaping a Beautiful Day

Reflections and lines found in Buntzen Lake, BC.

Reflections and lines found in Buntzen Lake, BC

The lower mainland on the Pacific West Coast of BC, had a fantastic sunny day on Sunday and I didn’t want to wast a minute of it indoors.

On impulse, I decided to go to Buntzen Lake and hike the Buntzen Lake Trail. It’s an 8km trail of climbs and descends through beautiful, lush green lined paths with peek-a-boo vistas of the lake. After 2.5 hrs my knees were disgruntled and threatening a protest, but the mental and emotional effects will outlive the one or two-day recovery my body will need.

Normally, I wouldn’t bring up hiking on art.iculation, but it introduces the perfect opportunity to share and ask what activities you have in place when you need to reflect, find inspiration or explore ideas?

I love sharing experiences, especially if they can help others and I know others would love to hear how you …

  • Work through project ideas?
  • Dedicate time to observing the way people live in the world?
  • Observe the way nature and culture interact in different environments?
  • Find those moments when you need to connect with what’s important to you and fuels your work?
Alone on a cool, lush green trail surrounding Buntzen Lake, BC

Alone on a cool, lush green trail surrounding Buntzen Lake, BC

I go hiking when I want to internalize ideas and see things differently and it works because I put myself into an environment that is not part of my everyday routine. This is also a great way to decompress.

I also go on photography explorations when I want to investigate how people use public spaces; the marks they leave behind and how they behave in natural and man made environments. When my camera is with me I become a voyeur and I see the world differently.

These are the things I do when I need to turn into myself. When I need to tune-out and turn my mind away from thinking, I go to a movie and allow the magic of cinema to sweep me off my feet.

… What about you?

Beautiful vista of the west side of the lake.

Beautiful vista of the west side of the lake.

10 thoughts on “Shaping a Beautiful Day

  1. waouww superbe lieu pour constriure sa cabane de bois et vivre de pêche.
    Merci pour les shots photographiques.
    Dommage plus de photos pour nous faire rêver encore davantage jajaja 😉

  2. As I work in the film industry, watching movies can be stressful. I keep seeing all the hard work and long hours.
    I like wandering around Toronto and taking pics of ephemeral art.

  3. Great pictures! Looks line it would have been a great hike! 🙂

  4. Lovely photos; looks like a wonderful place to decompress & get inspired.
    Walking, getting into an “uncivilized” area, seems to give me a fresh perspective on things—& nature is always inspiring. It clears my mind so that answers to creative problems can “flow in”.
    I’m a photography addict, & appreciate architecture—so sometimes going into a nearby town & taking shots of the wonderful victorian houses & old stores brings me a break from the usual activities & re-fuels my creativity.

    • I love old architectural buildings. How charming it must be to live in your area. The Victorian homes and old stores sound inspiring. It’s interesting how similar our needs are as people, no matter where we live. A little bit of nature and history can do wonders for the soul.

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