Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This weeks photo shoot, photo challenge highlights geometric shapes in nature and machine.

Finding geometric themed subjects in rural and suburban settings can be a challenge, but I managed to capture something interesting when I got up close and personal with farming equipment, a moss-covered fence post and an old car show at the beach.

I was on my way to White Rock … a spot I love to visit …. and stopped to take a closer look at some old farming vehicle off the side of the road. I almost didn’t stop, because scenes pass very quickly and it’s an impulsive split second decision – is it safe to stop, is the subject interesting enough to stop for, will something better come along?

It was an overcast, occasionally rainy, dull grey day. I was lucky that it wasn’t pouring for the most part of the day. Most of the images I shot lacked the depth of color I wanted, so I tweaked them in Photoscape for colour depth. The images aren’t cropped post shoot. What you see is the subject with the best zooming capabilities that my camera has.

Enjoy! And leave a comment or like, so I can check out your blog too.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

  1. I know the torture of driving on past those wonderful photo opportunities because it’s just not safe to stop——-& how hard it can be to decide whether some particular scene is worth the risk. Drives me CRAZY!

    Interesting photos here.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Kathleen. That’s why I love old cities… actually, any thriving city. So much to see while walking about.
      By the way, love your latest rough sketch for children’s book. Very expressive and full of life.

      • Thank you so much, Filio, for your comments on my book illustration sketch.

        I enjoy walking the streets of old towns in my area of Pennsylvania & Maryland, too. The Victorian-era buildings always grab my attention; I have a million photos of them. A few of them have shown up on canvas, but most are just pictures that bring me pleasure to look at.
        Cities, though I rarely get to any, have a definite appeal too. In the past I’ve built dioramas for model railroaders, and one of my favorite things was reproducing the old, weathered, uniquely “city-ish” buildings.

        Thanks for liking my Facebook page!

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