How to Be a Successful Solopreneur

Marketing and social media platforms are a time black-hole if you don’t have a plan in place to get you from point A to B in your business goals.

Expressing yourself and sharing ideas is liberating, but if you’re counting on a career in the arts to generate an income, you’ll have to set aside some time for strategic planning.

Creating fabulous poetry, paintings and music is just one part of the equation for self motivated solopreneurs. There’s also research, monitoring and time spent creating interesting content which is required for your ideas and products to gain exposure and generate an income.

For some artists, online exposure is deliberately limited and works for them. For others, having two or three different sites is necessary, but can become time-consuming.

Many mornings I’ve found myself wandering through the great web of information and radiant images with coffee by my side, only to find myself lost and forgetting why I was online in the first place.  The web is a great place, but much like TV you can find yourself wondering.

My advice, leave bread crumbs so you can find your way back home.

My breadcrumbs are bookmarks. I’ve gotten in the habit of bookmarking on delicious and organizing my stacks according to subjects that I find interesting. This is how I feel confident in collecting information for future referral without getting side-tracked from my original goal for the morning.

Another breadcrumb is having a strategy in place, with goals that lead you to where you want to get. You can look back and see progress when you have a plan in place.

I’ve mentioned in another post that I’m very much into taking notes. Notes are my visual reminder of what I want to accomplish for the day, and my way of working out ideas and plans.

My latest project is a goal that I’ve had for some time and I’m really excited to share it with you. I finished the free promotional ideas download I hinted towards in my last post. You can find the download on my Free Download page .

Feel free to share it with your friends and contacts and let me know if you find it helpful.

What tactics do you use to promote yourself?

Do you find them useful for promotions?


3 thoughts on “How to Be a Successful Solopreneur

  1. A HUGE thank you for the 38 tips for being a solopreneur! I am just beginning to explore the world of marketing & this is a tremendous help. You have some great approaches here as well as useful links.
    I am working on two books which I plan to publish independently, & I know that it’s the marketing, more than the content of the books, which will make the difference between success and failure with these.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge!

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