Art is Work

  “Art is Work” ~ Milton Glaser

Art is WorkI love this quote because it reminds me that even though art is fun, experimental and playful, it is work too.

It takes work for an idea to germinate. It takes work to bring something into the world that didn’t exist before.

Creating may be fun, but it is work too. There is purpose. There is drive, passion and determination. There is fusion of past experiences and ideas, flowing into the present and creating a future ancestry of ideas.

Art is work because for art to influence we need to bring it into the light and share it. This means overcoming fear of failure, which is hard work.  It also means developing skills in written communications, promotions and networking, which is also hard work. This requires confidence and courage for many.

Creativity is your birth right. Imagination is free. Art is work, but also nourishing and enriching. It touches us in ways that is personal. It speaks a universal, ancient language. It is yours to play with.

So, when someone asks you what you do for work. You can say you’re an artist and know that Art is your work.


Please share. Inspire others and increase your visibility through participation.

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