Secrets of an Impressive Website

Is your website a welcoming surprise when a visitor stumbles upon it, or does it repel like Teflon does water? Or, maybe your website leaves visitors weak and parched as they search in vain through the labyrinth trail of information you’ve provided.

An outdated or badly designed site does not diminish the quality or value of your work, but it does give viewers the wrong impression and doesn’t encourage sales or enquiries.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as being judgemental and snappy decision makers, but we are. It’s hardwired into our brains. So why make it difficult for people to appreciate the quality of your work because of the substandard quality of your website; gobsmack them with the right stuff.

A fantastic website doesn’t have to be expensive, or flashy to be impressive. The use of images combined with informative and useful text, that is laid out in an easy to navigate way, is paramount for getting visitors to stay long enough to appreciate what you have to offer.

I’ve put together a list of resources I think you might like. It is a list compiled out of appreciation and respect for the wisdom of others and is useful to the creative entrepreneur.

I wanted to cover some key areas such as color and graphic design, as well as copy content and navigation architecture. I hope this list of five gets you thinking and exploring how your website can rock the web with your talent.

1. Six Revisions offers an infographic as a reference source when considering color and font type, and stats on the popularity of these elements by age. I love infographics because they can provide inspiration for the planning stages or redesign of a project.

2. The Creative Penn is a site founded by Joanna Penn. Her number one goal with her site is to help writers with writing, publishing and marketing. James Chartrand, a guest writer offers an interesting post on how your website can hurt your creative efforts. I think his message can be applied to all creative professionals.

3. I include in this list of five a post on Sell My Art, because the post speaks directly to artists and how they can avoid sabotaging their own efforts. The focus of the post is on the elements of content and how important and useful a well constructed layout can be to site visitors.

4. Erika Napoletano from Redhead Writing is one of my favorite bloggers. She knows what she talks of and tells it like it is. She’s sassy and clever and always manages to come up with an interesting twist on something that has been chewed on and spit out so often that in the wrong hands you sense you’re in a place of a déjà vu. Your Website Isn’t About You will not disappoint.

5. David Airy is a graphic designer and what I really like about graphic designers (I study their sites a lot) is that they have a way of keeping things simple but visually interesting. David offers a post on 10 Tips to Improve you’re About Page , which is a very important element on your website because it sells you and has the potential to build trust with your site visitors.

What works for you ?


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